About us

The game of golf as we know it has been around for a number [hundreds] of years dating back to the late 1450s. After more than 30 years of playing the game, (including countless duck-hooks and hosel-rockets), we wanted to bring fun to an otherwise afterthought of the game. The golf tee.

Twigs Golf drives personality, attitude and identity to the tee box, via the first eye-popping golf tees designed with your personal style in mind. With several unique options to choose from, Twigs Golf has a tee for you.

Best part, 5% of pre-tax profits go to support the next generation of young golfers. We have seen firsthand the many important lessons the game of golf teaches youth from tee to green — and beyond. Check out our partners page to learn about each of the youth golf foundations and youth development programs we support.

We are excited to bring you the first golf tee you’ll remember the name of. The Twigs Tee. #IPlayTwigs

Jeff & Jake